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About Us

The group of friends who are currently working together are all long-term Ragdoll breeders.

They have decided to share resources for the further advancement of the breed, ensuring that these two rare colours are never 'lost' again.

Sue Allen - Spiritdancers Ragdolls

Sue Allen has been breeding Ragdolls under the 'Spiritdancers' prefix since 1997. She has a special interest in Old English and Traditional lines and is known through the UK for her extensive pedigree knowledge.

Deborah Lancashire - Chinnorleigh Ragdolls

Deborah has been breeding Ragdolls under the 'Chinnorleigh' prefix since 2006. She has a wide diversity of lines, and a love of white tail tips. Deborah breeds Traditional Ragdolls alongside the Red and Tabby series.

Margaret Lynch - Magisragis Ragdolls

Margaret started out in the Ragdoll world by showing her beautiful neuters back in 1998.
She decided to start breeding some years later, and has never looked back. Margaret has a love of Traditional and Old English lines, and also does a lot of work with the Red series.

Candice Prowting - Eiserblew Ragdolls

Candice also started out by showing a Ragdoll neuter back in 2001. Shortly afterwards, she started breeding. Candice breeds predominantly Old English Ragdolls. She has a love of Genetics and also has a large pedigree database.

Barry Smith - Leasowes Ragdolls

Barry has always had an interest in breeding. His passion for Ragdolls started in 1997, and hasn't dwindled. He is working on the GCCF authorised outcross to Persians to try and reintroduce the Chocolate gene into the breed, as a seperate project. As you can imagine, he was over the moon when he found out the Chocolate gene had been in the breed all along.



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