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Future Plans
Future Plans

The Chocolate and Lilac UK Group are a group of friendly
breeders who are committed to the further
advancement of
Chocolate and Lilac Ragdolls in the UK.

Currently, the group are working towards breeding more 'visual'
Chocolates and Lilacs as well as producing more Chocolate carriers.

August 2011
We have been very lucky this year. Since testing and finding out which cats are carriers, we have been able to plan matings with the possibility of a 'visual' Chocolate or Lilac in mind. We have the ability to produce, and currently are producing, Lilac kittens with inbreeding coefficients well below 2% over 5 generations. This is lower than many UK breeding Ragdolls, and far lower than many of the Chocolate and Lilac imports we have seen coming into the UK over the last few years. We have already planned numerous matings for the future which will result in visual Chocolates and Lilacs with inbreeding coefficients of less than 1% from a variety of lines.

February 2011
Working on a project such as this is not something that can be done for the short term. It requires months, if not years of planning, discussion, co-operation. Above all else it requires an awful lot of luck.

We have been fortunate in that one breeder within the group has already bred one visual Lilac Ragdoll - Ernie (Magisragis Chicharito), who will be invaluable in our efforts to advance the breeds in these two rare colours. Ernies offspring will all be guaranteed to carry the Chocolate gene, so we will quickly and easily be able to advance a generation, with the luxury of selecting the best kitten in the litter, not simply the best kitten who happens to carry Chocolate.

It is anticipated that it will take us a number of years to produce a good foundation of Chocolate and Lilac breeding cats. After that, we will be working on perfecting their type and the overall tone of the colour.

During this time, it may be difficult to find a Chocolate or Lilac Ragdoll as a pet, however there may occasionally be one available.

We hope that over time, more breeders will test their cats and perhaps work with us on this once-in-a-lifetime project.


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