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As the number of Chocolate and Lilac Ragdolls grows,
so will the number of photos on this page.

Blue and Lilac Ragdoll Kittens

Magisragis Tom Kitten and Magisragis Chicharito

This photograph clearly shows the unmistakeable colour difference between a
Blue and a Lilac Ragdoll kitten. Magisragis Chicharito is, to our knowledge,
the first DNA proven Ragdoll born in the UK whose pedigree does not
contain any outcross, nor does it have any recent imports in it.
He is a true, Traditional, Lilac Ragdoll.

Ragdoll: Catricat Ragadmiral Owner: Miss Candice Prowting

Catricat Ragadmiral

In some ways, you could say he was the boy who started all this. Ragadmiral
was one of the Ragdolls tested by his owner to try and prove that Chocolate
did not exist in the Ragdoll breed in the UK. The results proved that he was
indeed a carrier of the Chocolate gene. Something of a shock to the whole
group. We believe he was the first DNA proven 100% Old English
Chocolate carrier in the world.

As fate would have it, the mating that produced Magisragis Chicharito
had already been planned long before Catricat Ragadmiral was tested.
The mating that produced Chicharito had already taken place a couple
of weeks before his parents were DNA tested. What a surprise he would
have been, had we not already known that both of his parents were carriers!

Magisragis Clouseau

Our own little Pink Panther!

Clouseau (on the right) is a DNA proven Lilac Traditional Ragdoll

Magisragis Clouseau - Traditional Lilac Mitted Ragdoll
Clouseau at 9 weeks

Eiserblew Procol Harum

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Notice the colour difference on the tails of these two kittens.
The kitten on the left is lilac, and the kitten on the right is blue.

Eiserblew Procol Harum - Old English Lilac Ragdoll
Procol Harum at 6 weeks

Spiritdancers Lilac Bear Paw - Traditional Lilac Ragdoll

Spiritdancers Lilac Bear Paw

We have big plans for his future

A gentle well mannered young man, who has a lot of growing up to do!

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