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Chocolate and Lilac Ragdolls are still very rare in the UK. Up until 2010, it had been believed that this gene had been 'lost' within the Ragdoll gene pool in the UK. The gene was found in 2010, and we have been working since then to see these rare colours make a comeback in the UK.

In 2002, a GCCF authorised breeding program was initiated to allow breeders to reintroduce the gene by outcrossing to Persians and Siamese. A few years ago, some breeders in the UK started to import Ragdolls into the UK which showed an outcross to the Balinese within their pedigrees. The Balinese outcrosses are highly controversial at the moment within the UK, with many breeders believing these cats should not have been registered as Ragdolls with the Governing Council for the Cat Fancy (GCCF), as the outcross was never allowable under the GCCF Ragdoll Registration Policy.

All of the Ragdolls used by the breeders on this website are from well established UK lines that show no outcrossing. We are a group of friendly breeders working together to see these colours flourish.

Lilac Ragdoll Kitten - Breeder: Margaret Lynch of Magisragis Ragdolls
Magisragis Tom Kitten (Left) and Magisragis Chicharito (Right),
clearly showing the difference between a Blue and Lilac Ragdoll
  This website has been created to celebrate these two rarest of colours. The breeders listed on this website are all working together to increase the number of Chocolate and Lilac Ragdolls in the UK, may they be of Old English, Traditional (Fully traceable on all lines of the pedigree back to Josephine, Buckwheat and Daddy Warbucks), or non-Traditional lines.

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