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It will be very uncommon for any of the breeders in the group to have
a Chocolate or Lilac Ragdoll available for a number of years.

Buying a Chocolate or Lilac Ragdoll?

You will see many adverts in various places for chocolate and lilac Ragdoll kittens and cats for sale. They will be labelled ‘rare’. They may be a higher than normal price from the other colours. As with anything labelled ‘rare’ potential buyers need to be very cautious.

If you are interested in buying a kitten/cat advertised as such insist on the following:

The cat or kitten has been DNA tested to prove it is chocolate or lilac and ask to see the certificate from the testing laboratory. Sometimes, this is not necessary if both parents are Chocolate, Lilac or one is Chocolate and the other Lilac. In that instance, ask to see the certificates of both parents.

Currently the following laboratories are testing for this gene:

Langford, Bristol
Animals DNA, Australia
Laboklin, Germany
UC Davis, USA


The cat or kitten must be registered with a recognised registering body as chocolate or lilac (i.e. GCCF, TICA, Felis Britanica/FIFe).

If you are considering buying a breeding cat or using stud services and the cat or kitten is advertised as chocolate, please enquire as to whether the cat has been tested for carrying the dilute gene (i.e. blue or cream). Chocolate can either be ‘pure’ or can carry dilute.

It is only matings between chocolate to chocolate, lilac to lilac, or chocolate to lilac can guarantee that all kittens will be chocolate or lilac.

If either of the parents is not Chocolate or Lilac, then the colour must be confirmed by DNA testing.

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