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31st July 2011

Lady Luck has really been on our side this year. Another Lilac has been born, and is maturing into rather a stunning boy, as you can see!

Lilac Bear Paw

Spiritdancers Lilac Bear Paw - a DNA proven Lilac Ragdoll male

Spiritdancers Lilac Bear Paw (Bear) is a wonderful young man. At the moment, it looks as though he will mature to be a stunning boy. Time will tell. At the moment Bear doesn't know what's planned for his future, but one thing is for sure - if he produces offspring with his qualities then we will be very happy indeed.

We are hoping for more good news to share, but as always, this does depend on Mother Nature!


9th July 2011 (Photo updated 20/08/11)

Our second exciting announcement for the year! May we proudly introduce you to Clouseau!

Magisragis Clouseau - Lilac Mitted Ragdoll

Magisragis Clouseau - a Traditional Lilac Mitted Ragdoll

Clouseau has been DNA tested and is indeed a DNA proven Lilac. He is from 100% Traditional lines. He was born on the 4th June, so he is still very young, but we have high hopes for this little man!

Please do check regularly for more news. We may possibly have more announcements coming soon....


23rd June 2011 (Photo updated 20/08/11)

We have our first exciting announcement for this year!

A little girl, born on the 5th of June, has been DNA tested for Chocolate and Dilute. The final result arrived today, and we can confirm that we have a Lilac girl from 100% Traditional lines.

Eiserblew Procol Harum, or 'Snow' as she is known at home, is still very young, and has a lot of growing to do. We hope to add lots of photos of her as she grows up.

Eiserblew Procol Harum - Old English Lilac Ragdoll

Notice the colour of her tail. Her colouring is so
pale that her markings still do not show up yet!


June 2011

We have been working away in the background planning and working on the progression of the Chocolate gene, and in turn, our boys and girls have also been busy! We are hoping for some exciting announcements within the next few weeks, so please check back regularly to see our latest news and announcements!

Will we have more carriers? Possibly a Chocolate or Lilac? Who knows - but come back and visit regularly to keep up to date with our latest news!

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