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Below are the details of some of the girls which are currently being used by
the group in the advancement of the Chocolate gene.

Spiritdancers Last ChanceRagdoll: Spiritdancers Last Chance Breeder: Sue Allen
Blue Bicolour Ragdoll
DOB: 02/04/2006
Chocolate carrier (DNA Proven): Bb

Pants (AKA Fancy Pants!) lives with Sue Allen of Spiritdancers Ragdolls.

Pants was the last high mitted kitten that her mother gave birth to hence her pedigree name. There was no doubt at all that Pants was staying with us.

Pants loves to be part of whatever is going on, and thinks she is 'top cat'. To find out that she is a chocolate carrier is a bonus, but the most important thing to us is that she is high mitted.

100% Traditional lines, 81% 'Old English' lines

Chinnorleigh Daisy-Chain
Ragdoll: Spiritdancers Minerva Owner: Miss Margaret Lynch
Blue Colourpointed Ragdoll
DOB: 12/06/2007
Chocolate carrier (DNA Proven): Bb

Gypsy lives with Deborah Lancashire of Chinnorleigh Ragdolls. She could be described as being as mad as a hatter, rarely walking anywhere, and usually with her tail held like a revolving question mark.

She has lovely eye colour, together with good boning and a nice length to her body.

Gypsy is still young. She had her first litter in 2009, before she'd been tested for Chocolate. Now we are armed with the facts, we have big plans for this girls next litter!

100% Traditional lines, 87% 'Old English' lines


Spiritdancers Minerva
Ragdoll: Spiritdancers Minerva Owner: Miss Margaret Lynch
Blue Mitted Ragdoll
DOB: 09/02/2009
Chocolate carrier (DNA Proven): Bb

Spiritdancers Minerva, or Florence as she is called at home, lives with Margaret Lynch of Magisragis Ragdolls.

Florence is very much a 'people cat'. She dislikes being on her own, and would far rather be nicely settled on a lap, purring away. She loves kittens, but seems to think they are toys. Luckily she is very gentle and would never harm them.

Her first litter of kittens was a litter of five. One of those kittens was Magisragis Chicharito, a DNA proven Lilac.

100% Traditional lines, 91% 'Old English' lines


Magisragis Busbys Babe
Ragdoll: Magisragis Busbys Babe Owner: Miss Margaret Lynch
Seal Tortie Colourpointed Ragdoll
DOB: 06/02/2007
Chocolate carrier (DNA Proven): Bb

Roxie also lives with Margaret Lynch of Magisragis Ragdolls. She was a single kitten, born on the anniversary of the Munich air disaster. She is Red and proud.

She is a very lively girl, with a loud purr. Most of the time, she lives in a world of her own, spending time sitting on a high perch and daydreaming.

Roxie has lovely Ragdoll type, which she is passing on to her offspring. We are looking forward to seeing if she will produce a nice Lilac Tortie.

99% Traditional lines, 74% 'Old English' lines


Eiserblew Tattianna
Ragdoll: Eiserblew Tattianna Owner: Miss Candice Prowting
Blue Bicolour Ragdoll
DOB: 16/10/2009
Chocolate carrier (DNA proven): Bb

Tatts lives with Candice Prowting of Eiserblew Ragdolls. She is a really gentle softie, who still thinks she's a kitten.

She has pale eye colour, but her other qualities, such as her perfect profile, more than make up for this.

Tatts is yet to have a litter of kittens, so we wait in eager anticipation for what this year brings. At the moment she is enjoying days out on the showbench.

Although Tatts is a Bicolour, she is genetically a High Mitted.

100% Traditional lines, 100% 'Old English' lines


Eiserblew Hobson's Choice
Ragdoll: Eiserblew Hobson's Choice Owner: Miss Candice Prowting
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll
DOB: 23/07/2010
Chocolate carrier (DNA proven): Bb

Mayzie lives with Candice Prowting of Eiserblew Ragdolls.

What can we say about Mayzie. She thinks she is human, and acts like a dust-bin on four legs. She will eat anything, including coconut and oranges.

She has lovely eye colour, and solid boning. Her temperament is second to none.

She is still only a young girl, so is yet to have any kittens. Much as we shouldn't wish her life away, we cannot wait for that day to come!

100% Traditional lines, 100% 'Old English' lines


Leasowes Lexie

Ragdoll: Leasowes Lexie - owned by Mr Barry Smith

Seal Colourpointed Ragdoll
Chocolate carrier (DNA Proven): Bb

Lexie lives with Barry Smith of Leasowes Ragdolls. Lexie is a seal colour point carrying chocolate and was conceived before we know her father was also a chocolate carrier. Fate took a hand, as Barry rarely goes out to stud as he did for her.

She is a beautiful big girl and was very pale in comparison to her litter mates. As a baby Barry would have sworn she was Chocolate but the DNA test proved she was only a carrier.

She is young but we do hope that later this year she will have kittens to a non carrier blue boy to increase the gene pool. Fingers crossed some of the kittens will take after Mum and carry Chocolate

100% Traditional lines, 93% 'Old English' lines

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