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Below are the details of the stud boys which are currently being used by
the group in the advancement of the Chocolate gene.

Countryhouse Blue MorganRagdoll: Countryhouse Blue Morgan Owner: Mrs Sue Allen
Blue Colourpointed Ragdoll
DOB: 07/07/2001
Chocolate carrier (DNA Proven): Bb

Morgan lives with Sue Allen of Spiritdancers Ragdolls. He has wonderful eye colour, good profile and muzzle, with lovely boning and a nice length of tail.

He was a 'slow starter' when it came to the girls, not working until he was 14 months old, when he managed to get four girls pregnant without Sue even realising.

Morgan is a gentleman, and a real ladies man. He will constantly chirrup to girls until he wins their affection. He has sired some stunning kittens over the years. Rarely do they not inherit his eye colour, and they all share his fabulous temperament.

100% Traditional lines, 88% 'Old English' lines


Ch. Chesawood Burlington Bertie
Ragdoll: Chesawood Burlington Bertie Owner: Miss Margaret Lynch

Seal Colourpointed Ragdoll
DOB: 15/03/2008

Chocolate carrier (DNA Proven): Bb

Bert lives with Margaret Lynch of Magisragis Ragdolls. He has beautiful, clear, deep blue eye colour, and shares his fathers docile temperament.

He has proved himself to be a very gentle, patient
boy with the ladies and does like to sweet talk them.
It seems that no lady has been able to resist his charms, and with looks like that who can blame

He has produced some beautiful offspring and made steady progress on the showbench, attaining the title of Champion at the Yorkshire Cat Club show in 2010.

100% Traditional lines, 65% 'Old English' lines


Magisragis Chicharito
Ragdoll: Magisragis Chicharito Owner: Miss Margaret Lynch
DNA proven Lilac Mitted Ragdoll
DOB: 27/07/2010
DNA proven Lilac: bb

Ernie also lives with Margaret Lynch of Magisragis Ragdolls. He is a beautiful DNA proven Lilac Mitted boy.

He has stunning eye colour, nice boning, and good size. Ernie loves people, and loves laps even more. Nothing is better than curling up on a nice warm lap. He does enjoy the company of other cats, and is often found playing with them.

He will be absolutely invaluable to the Chocolate and Lilac breeding program, and we look forward to him maturing!

100% Traditional lines, 78% 'Old English' lines


Catricat Ragadmiral
Ragdoll: Catricat Ragadmiral Owner: Miss Candice Prowting
Seal Mitted Ragdoll
DOB: 10/03/2003
Chocolate carrier (DNA proven): Bb

Ragadmiral lives with Candice Prowting of Eiserblew Ragdolls. He has a wonderful head, with lovely clear, blue eye colour and a temperament to die for.

He has shown himself to be a patient boy with the girls when he needs to be, but also knows how to get around the most stubborn of girls! He has sired many litters of strong, healthy kittens who share his temperament and boning.

Some of his offspring are now in Europe, helping to increase the gene pool and further the Chocolate lines overseas.

100% Traditional lines, 100% 'Old English' lines


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